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Proficio is a publicly traded Croatian company with over 11,000 shareholders. We strive to achieve sustainable value appreciation by encouraging and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.
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We contribute to Croatia’s economic development by providing equity financing to new, potentially transformative businesses and social initiatives. Proficio also assists established companies to restructure and experiment with new ideas. As long-term investors, we look to benefit not just from each individual investment but also from helping to create a more robust overall economy, where motivated business and community leaders can realize their potential without emigrating. We are proud of our track record of supporting some of the better-known and more successful Croatian start-ups and non-profit initiatives. We are also content with our failures – because there are rarely more helpful learning experiences.

Interesting facts

  • Proficio was the first and largest investor in some of Croatia’s most successful start-ups
  • All our venture investments and property acquisitions have been realized without debt
  • We provide risk capital to young businesses and social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas
  • We actively work with and support the management of our investee companies
  • We have organized U.S. Government grants and political risk insurance for several of our investee companies
  • We also invest in U.S. based venture projects to diversify and benefit from cross-fertilization


We work to improve the companies we own through hands-on management and targeted investment.

Pine Beach Pakoštane

Pine Beach Pakoštane is an all-inclusive family-oriented tourist resort situated in a thick pine forest on a unique sandy cove with a kilometer-long beach. Originally built by Club Med, the resort is in an ideal location between [...]

Hotel Angelo d'Oro and apartments

Hotel Angelo d’Oro is located in Rovinj’s old town, inside a 17th-century bishop’s palace, and is one of the region’s leading boutique hotels. With its charming interior design, attractive room layout, period [...]

Iskon Internet

Proficio’s first venture investment became Croatia’s most prominent start-up – Iskon Internet. Within a year, our initial financial contribution enabled Iskon to increase the number of its employees, [...]
September 27 2018

Registering statutory changes and increase of share capital in the court register

The statutory changes of business activities and changes of the members of the Supervisory Board have been registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb, as well as the increase of the share capital and amendments to the Statute, according to the decisions of the General Assembly from June 19, 2018. Details of the entered statutory changes and share capital increase be found on the Commercial Court website at the following link: https://sudreg.pravosudje.hr/registar/f?p=150:28:0::NO:28:P28_SBT_MBS:080459501
August 28 2018

Cancellation of CE Enter Market on Zagreb Stock Exchange

As per Decision of Zagrebacka burza, trading with shares of the companies accepted for trading on CE Enter-Fortis stops as of September 29, 2018 after which CE Enter market is being cancelled. Last day for trading with Proficio d.d. shares is September 28, 2018.
February 23 2016

Proficio Wins 17 Year Legal Battle

Proficio was notified today that the County Court in Zagreb ruled in its favor as the legal successor to Voucher Privatization Fund Expandia, confirming that the Republic of Croatia failed to comply with the regulations and has to pay compensation to Proficio. With this decision Proficio has won its 17 year legal battle. The County Court upheld the Municipal Court ruling from 2013 in relation to the principal amount and the corresponding legal interest, applied from the date of the Municipal Court ruling until the payment date. The State has the right to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court, [...]
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